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Phone: 575-758-3587

Fax:    575-751-9270

Email: [email protected]


Our Copy Services Include:

  • Double Sided Copies
  • Single copies
  • High-volume copies
  • Black and white copies
  • Color copies
  • Multiple paper options

No Fax Machine At Home? We Can Help

Taos Crating provides fax service to businesses and residents, along with our packing, shipping, document printing services.

Available Fax Services:

  • Incoming and outgoing local fax
  • Incoming and outgoing domestic long distance fax
  • Incoming and outgoing international fax

Give our fax number 575-751-9270 to your business associates, family and friends. Make sure they include your name and local contact number or email and we’ll notify you whenever a fax comes in.

Document Scanning:

  • Turn your hard copies into electronic files.
  • Easily organize and share important
  • Scan and email important documents